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Descendants of William Connick

His son James believed to have immigrated from Co. Wexford, Ireland to Mobile, Ala. in the 1850's.

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM1 CONNICK was born in Ireland. He married MARY BARRY. She was born in Ireland.


  • 2. i. JAMES2 CONNICK, b. 1835; d. 1914.


  • Generation No. 2

    2. JAMES2 CONNICK (WILLIAM1) was born 1835, and died 1914. He married MARGARET WHITE Abt. 1867. She was born 1842 in Ireland, and died 1907.

    Notes for JAMES CONNICK:

    Believed to have immigrated from Co. Wexford, Ireland to Mobile, Ala. in the 1850's.

    He may have had a sister, Mary, who preceded him with her husband.

    Children of JAMES CONNICK and MARGARET WHITE are:

  • 3. i. JOHN JOSEPH3 CONNICK, b. 1874; d. 1944.

    4. ii. JOSEPH VINCENT CONNICK, b. 1877; d. 1948.

    iii. MARY E. CONNICK, b. 1868; d. 1920; m. JOHN D. KENNY.

    iv. JAMES ROBERT CONNICK, b. 1870; d. 1878.

    v. THOMAS CONNICK, b. 1874; d. 1876.

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  • Descendants of Joseph Connick

    Joseph Connick originally of Newburyport, MA emigrated to Charlotte Co. New Brunswick

    Joseph Connick
    m. Susannah ( ) [she was living in 1802]
    d. about 1802 [will dated 24 July 1802.

    Children of Joseph and Susannah ( ) Connick, in the order they are named in 1802 will:

    1. James,* b. about 1768 or 1770 in N.B. probably at Indian Island. "The first male child born in this County" died 1858
    married 19 Dec. 1796, Hannah Moore b. about 1778 in the United States
    * The extensive family tree of James & Hannah begins with the seperate entry below.
    2. Samuel, b. about 1774, died about 1835, St. Andrews, N.B. age 61
    3. Thomas, had possessions on the Waweig New Brunswick
    4. John, Wentworth Division, Saint David. He died about 1809 in "Charlotte County"
    5. William Shackford, died about 1858 Wentworth Division, Saint David, N.B. married 15 Nov. 1802, Mary Hall settled in Township No. 6 (now Baring, Maine)
    6. Elisabeth.
    7. Sisley.
    8. Margreett [spelled as it appears in 1802 will of Joseph Connick].
    9.Rebecca, married 25 April 1799, Thomas McLaughlan
    10. Sarah.
    11. Nancy, born 25 June 1786 or born about Dec. 1785 died 26 August 1868, aged 82 years

    married Green Brown (born 10 May 1782 in Machias, Maine )on 27 March 1804 in St. David, N.B.

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    Descendants of Thomas K. Connick 1804

    Charlotte Co. New brunswick Canada, Grandson of Joseph Connick

    (This tree to be merged with above)

    Generation No. 1

    Thomas K. Connick 1804 -
    M: Eliza Hitchings in 1827 b: ABT MAY 1808 d: 6 NOV 1883
    Amos Connick b: BET 1829 AND 1830
    Adelia Connick b: BET 1832 AND 1833
    Thomas E. Connick b: 1836 d: 1901
    Emeline Connick b: BET 1838 AND 1839
    Ann Connick b: BET 1840 AND 1841
    Henrietta Connick b: BET 1842 AND 1843
    Grace Susan Connick b: BET 1844 AND 1845
    Sarah Connick b: BET 1848 AND 1849
    Edward A. Connick b: January 08,1853
    Caroline Connick ?

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    Descendants of James Connick

    Charlotte Co. New Brunswick, Canada appx 1768

    Generation No. 1

    J1- James Connick b. abt 1768 d. 1858
    m. J2- Hannah Moore. b. d. ,Daughter of Willaim Moore
    J3- Joseph Connick b. m. J11- Eliza Brown
    J4- William Connick b.8/12/1813 m. J25- Agnes Elizabeth Wilson
    J5- Susan Connick b. m. J37 Nataniel Marr
    J6- Maria Connick b. m. J38- James Palmer
    J7- Ann Connick b. m. J43- William Hasty
    J8- Leonard Connick b. m. J50- Catherine Wilson
    J9- Hiram Connick b.(1816) m. J55- Susannah Door
    J10- Harris James Connick b. m. J67- Elizabet Maxwell

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    Descendants of John Connick

    Born in Waterford, Ireland, died in Indian River, Prince Edward Island, Canada

    Generation No. 1

    1. JOHN1 CONNICK was born Abt. 1770, and died Unknown.

    Children of JOHN CONNICK are:


    ii. JOHN CONNICK2,3, b. Abt. 1794; d. Unknown.

    2. iii. MATTHEW CONNICK, b. 1801, Waterford, Ireland; d. January 16, 1871, Indian River, P.E.I..

    3. iv. MOSES CONNICK, b. 1809, Waterford, Ireland; d. Unknown.

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    Descendants of Martin Connick

    Born Abt. 1821 in Prince Edward Island, Canada

    Generation No. 1

    1. MARTIN1 CONNICK1,2,3 was born Abt. 1821 in Prince Edward Island, and died Unknown. He married CATHERINE DOYLE November 27, 1844 in Miramichi, Northumberland County, NB. She was born 1824 in Canada, and died April 3, 1910 in Nelson, Northumberland County, N.B..

    More About MARTIN CONNICK:
    Fact 1: 1896, Living in Nelson, Mirimichi, N.B.4
    i. CATHERINE2 CONNICK, b. 1845, Nelson, Northumberland County, N.B.; d. Unknown.
    ii. JOHN CONNICK, b. 1847, Nelson, Northumberland County, N.B..
    iii. MARTIN CONNICK, b. 1849, Nelson, Northumberland County, N.B.; d. Bef. 1861.
    iv. WILLIAM CONNICK, b. 1851, Chatham, Northumberland, NB, Canada.
    2. v. ELIZABETH CONNICK, b. 1852, Charlottetown, PE; d. July 20, 1931.
    vi. MARY CONNICK, b. 1854; d. Unknown; m. FREDERICK AFFLICK.
    3. vii. MATTHEW CONNICK, b. July 11, 1856; d. Unknown.
    4. viii. MARGARET CONNICK, b. Abt. February 1858; d. Unknown.
    ix. SERA ANN CONNICK, b. 1860, Blackville, Northumberland, NB, Canada; d. Unknown.
    x. THOMAS CONNICK, b. 1864, Blackville, Northumberland, NB, Canada; d. Unknown.

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    Descendants of Peter Connick

    Born 1819 Newfoundland, subsequent generations in Prince Edward Island, Canada

    Generation No. 1

    1. PETER1 CONNICK was born 1819 in Nfld., and died Unknown. He married JOHANNA MEA April 23, 1838 in St. Dunstan's Basilica1. She was born Abt. 1821 in Ireland, and died Unknown.
    Children of PETER CONNICK and JOHANNA MEA are:
    2. i. MICHAEL B.2 CONNICK, b. Abt. May 15, 1841; d. October 18, 1924, Charlottetown, PE.
    ii. MARTIN CONNICK2, b. September 14, 1843; d. Unknown.
    3. iii. MARY ANN CONNICK, b. March 2, 1846; d. Aft. 1884.
    iv. MARGARET CONNICK, b. April 26, 1848, Indian River, PE3; d. Unknown.
    v. PETER CONNICK4, b. June 2, 1850; d. Bef. 1859.
    vi. CATHERINE CONNICK5, b. May 1, 1852; d. Unknown.
    vii. JOHANNA CONNICK6, b. January 15, 1856; d. Bef. 1861.
    viii. KATE CONNICK, b. 1858.
    ix. PETER CONNICK, b. March 6, 1859; d. Unknown.
    x. WILLIAM CONNICK, b. December 26, 1860.
    xi. JOHANA CONNICK7, b. Abt. 1861.
    xii. MATILDA CONNICK, b. 1861; d. Unknown.
    xiii. HANNAH CONNICK, b. Abt. 18628; d. Unknown.
    xiv. WILLIAM CONNICK, b. 1863.
    xv. JOHANNA CONNICK, b. 1863.

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    Descendants of Thomas Connick

    Prince Edward Island (appx 1841)

    Generation No. 1

    2. i. JAMES ALLEN2 CONNICK, b. Abt. 1861, Prince Edward Island; d. September 14, 1899, Auburn, California.

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