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These are links that we have comeacross. This is just a portion of what can be found on the web.Please email us some more for our list, include any pertinentinstructions or comments.

The most valuable search engine:

If doing a search for Connicks, adding the term: -Harry (Reads: MINUSHarry) will eliminate a lot of fan pages (if you wish to do so)

No search engine will find every thing. Go to thevarious genealogy sites and search within them.

There's a great place to start which was suggested by B. Krueger's Brownie Scouts.
Check out his page :

Here's a sampling of what you'll find if you do an "image search" for Connicksat
Scroll down to the photo - Betsey Conick
3rd Photo down
8th photo down on left

There are countless more ( but it's time to get back toserious research).

A few of many Forum Postings - surname: Connick

The most Connick datawe've seen online, and with source references,

the work of StephenRobbins (descendent of Green Brown of Machias ME).

Linksprovided by SR:

    Here are some searchablegenealogy-related databases (I haven't searched
ALL of them yet for Connicks, but the several I tried yieldedConnicks):

1) Humboldt County, California 1900 Census (has dozens ofConnicks, many of
whom were born in Canada or Maine).  Gives names, month andyear of birth,
place of birth and other info:
Click on "1900 Census" then click on "C" andscroll down the page to the

By the way, the Humboldt County Historical Society has a researchstaff which
will give 20 minutes of free searching to out-of-town e-mailrequests for
information (after 20 minutes, the fee is $20/hour).  Youmust also pay for any
copies made (25 cents/page) plus mailing ($2.50 for an 8" x12" package).  They
have an index to death records 1873-1925, newspaper and obituaryinformation
1854-1899, some cemetery records, local families info, etc. e-mail address is:  Phone: (707)445-4342   FAX: (707) 445-4146

2)  Maine Marriages 1892-1966, 1976-1996

3)  Maine Deaths 1960-1996

The two databases above I reached through a link at Maine StateArchives:    

4) Washington County, Maine Court Index 1839-1845

Here are a few more interesting websites:

Washington County Research and Resources.  Lists librariesand historical
societies and describes their special holdings.

Regarding the Susannah Coombs Connick christened about 1801-02 atAll Saints
Anglican Church (St. Andrews, N.B.)?  Do you suppose she mayhave been an
adult, possibly the Susannah who was wife (or widow?) of JosephConnick?  (The
church record on microfilm needs to be examined more closely --I've never seen
it.  I only saw the reference to it on the Towersgenealogy).  I've found some
Coombs families on Newburyport, Mass. (but not a Susannah) at:

Circulating Library of the New England Historic and GenealogicalSociety in
(in the address above, after "channel" is the numberone)
This bibliography lists 2 CONNET and 2 CONNETT genealogies, aswell as 2 COOMBS
genealogies.  I have not searched any of these books, butthey may be worth a
look by someone who lives near Boston.

Free lookups of individual names on CD-ROM databases:
I've used this free service with success to find people whodisappeared from
Maine; they have turned up in other states.

"Search the USGenWeb Archives"  This is a searchengine specifically for
hundreds of RootsWeb genealogical databases:
    At "Query" type in a surname, suchas Connick.  Then click on a State, such
as California.  Finally, click on the "Search"button.  Among the results of
this particular search are many Connicks in a database called"Humboldt County,
CA - Index to Federal Land Patents, California Land PatentsDatabase."  Gives
name, date and location of grant, and information on how to ordercopies of
each patent file ($10) from National Archives.

    Some new information wasposted 12/3/99 on the Charlotte County,
N.B. Rootsweb site:

"St. David Parish - Oak Bay
Church of England Cemetery - Old file number: Vol. 1, 03

    David W. Connick  7 Dec. 1849 ae 79 yrs.
    his wife Affa  1 May 1835 ae 58 yrs."

(This David W. Connick would have been born about 1770.)


    There are some Connicks listedin this database of land grants in New
Brunswick. Some were in Northumberland County and some inCharlotte County.
(This database is just of actual grants, not their petitions forgrants which
often give biographical information):

"Searchable Grantbook Database"
(a joint project of Harriet Irving Library [HIL] at University ofNew
Brunswick, and the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick[PANB].  A Surname-only
search of all indexes gives best results)

GenealogySoftware Co. Homes
Site of Family TreeMaker genealogy software. FamilyFinder Index, How-To Guide,message boards, more" ***

Also their:
Home of Generations family tree software.
The Ultimate Family Tree Web Site ofgenealogy software for completing your family history - fromPalladium Interactive

Genealogy Sites
Looks like over 41,000 links, just as it says. Pack a lunch,bring a sleeping bag. Has every type of link, to pay services,data bases, queries by others, also; 'how to make a page', linksto free software for pages, advice, you name it. Plan on writingdown lists of links, and saving some as 'favorites'.
The mormon site
Postings of email addresses of others with the surname, location,and dates they are researching.
You can add your own posting to their list.
"Twenty Ways to Avoid Genealogical Grief"
Historical foundations located in Ireland, addresss,phone,available services.

Connick query results within GenealogySites

(These are a few old ones. There aremany more.) - Message Boards - Messages
Ancestral Findings | Free Genealogy Lookups |birth,census,death,marriage,veterans,shippassenger lists
Local Names Message board for Irish queries, ...

Link to: the Irish Family History Foundation website:
Search Names Files From 1990 Census
Re: Connick, Kate
This site indicates where genealgy information can be obtained inIreland regarding County Wexford Connicks.
a link, requires sign-up

Canadian Genealogy Sites
The Island Register - "P.E.I.'s Premiere GenealogySite"
"Canadian genealogy & History" - 'A listing ofGenealogical and Historical Web sites from East to Western Sea.'
A link to our site there, and looks like a lot to be found there.

BMD - mail in $15 for a Birth, Marriage, Death record
Census - says travel to a city
Geography - sites where you can see some maps, buy others
Map of Canada - is just that
Land Grants - search their archives for free
Research Centers - Links
Surnames - Links

Connicks with home Pages Blocher's page
A descendant of Ann C. Connick and Amos Hitchings Bartlett of St.Andrews, New Brunswick.

http://kateconnick.comKate Connick's Page
And her:
FunDog Postcards

* The first links on the list are for sites by some genaelogysoftware producers. Since most programs are capable of importingand exporting data asGEDCOM files, it is not necessary to havethe identical program as others in order to share files. Theconcesus has been to check on the usefulness of the large CD setsbefore getting more than the basic programs. Please send in yourrecommendations to help others.

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