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John Connick (1770) Tree Page

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Descendants of John Connick


Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1 CONNICK was born Abt. 1770, and died Unknown.

Children of JOHN CONNICK are:


    ii. JOHN CONNICK2,3, b. Abt. 1794; d. Unknown.

    2. iii. MATTHEW CONNICK, b. 1801, Waterford, Ireland; d. January 16, 1871, Indian River, P.E.I..

    3. iv. MOSES CONNICK, b. 1809, Waterford, Ireland; d. Unknown.

  • Generation No. 2

    2. MATTHEW2 CONNICK (JOHN1) was born 1801 in Waterford, Ireland, and died January 16, 1871 in Indian River, P.E.I.. He married BRIDGET BRENNAN. She was born 1804 in Ireland, and died February 16, 1884 in Indian River, P.E.I..


  • 4. i. THOMAS3 CONNICK.

    5. ii. CATHERINE CONNICK, b. January 17, 1836; d. Unknown.

    iii. MARTIN CONNICK, b. 1838; d. 1920; m. SARAH ELIZABETH MURPHY, November 26, 1879; b. 1848; d. 1920.

    More About MARTIN CONNICK:

    Fact 1: 1890, Living in Darnley, Lot 184

    Fact 2: Farmer

    6. iv. PATRICK CONNICK, b. 1839, Alberton, PE; d. September 22, 1909, Fairview.

    7. v. JAMES CONNICK, b. 1839; d. 1914.

    vi. MARGARET CONNICK5, b. 1839; d. Unknown.

    vii. ANASTASIA CONNICK6, b. December 12, 1841, Indian River, PE; d. Unknown.

    viii. BRIDGET CONNICK, b. March 20, 1844, Indian River, PE7; d. Unknown.

    ix. JOHANNA CONNICK8, b. March 20, 1844.

    x. MARY ANN CONNICK9, b. September 20, 1846; d. Bet. 1931 - 1935, New York City.

    xi. ELIZABETH CONNICK, b. June 01, 185010; d. Bet. 1931 - 1935, New York City.

  • 3. MOSES2 CONNICK (JOHN1)11 was born 1809 in Waterford, Ireland, and died Unknown. He married CATHERINE HICKEY. She died May 20, 1869.

    Notes for MOSES CONNICK:

    Connick, Moses

    Land Petition 3 Sept. 1827

    Signed X

    Of Princetown Royalty, native of Ireland, single, 18 years of age, wanted P.L. 497 said Royalty. Granted.

    The 1861 Census indicates that there were 11 single persons in the household besides Moses and Catherine. One female between 21 - 45 which could be Bridgette; two females and 3 males between 16 - 21, I only have Veronica at 17; two females and 3 males between 5 - 16., I have Elizabeth at 15, John 12 and Thomas 7. If Martin had already left home by 1861 there may be 2 females and 4 males in that family unaccounted for.



    Connick Indian River

    Lot 18 Cemetary 1 Stone251 St. Mary's R.C.

    Deliver me from evil/Oh Lord, to thee I have fled/In memory of Catherine/beloved wife of/Moses Connick/died May 20, 1869/Aet. 53//




    Fact 1: May 20, 1869, Aet. 53



    8. ii. MARTIN CONNICK, b. 1836; d. Unknown.

    iii. BRIDGETTE CONNICK12, b. December 15, 1839, Indian River, PE; d. Unknown; m. JAMES HICKEY; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

    iv. VERONICA CONNICK, b. May 09, 184413; d. Unknown.

    v. ELIZABETH CONNICK, b. August 05, 1846, Indian River, PE14; d. Unknown.

    9. vi. JOHN CONNICK, b. April 09, 1849, Indian River, PE; d. 1910.

    vii. MOSES CONNICK15, b. April 09, 1851; d. Unknown.

    viii. THOMAS CONNICK, b. February 22, 1854, Indian River, PE16; d. Unknown.

  • Generation No. 3

    4. THOMAS3 CONNICK (MATTHEW2, JOHN1) He married HELEN DELANEY November 03, 1853 in St. Mary's Indian River, daughter of DONALD DELANEY.


  • i. JAMES4 CONNICK18, b. September 25, 1857; d. Unknown.
  • 5. CATHERINE3 CONNICK (MATTHEW2, JOHN1)19 was born January 17, 1836, and died Unknown. She married JAMES ROACH October 04, 1853 in St. Mary's Indian River20, son of PHILIP ROACH and CATHERINE. He was born Abt. 1835, and died Unknown.

    Children of CATHERINE CONNICK and JAMES ROACH are:

  • i. BRIDGET4 ROACH, b. 1857; d. Unknown.

    ii. MARY ANN ROACH, b. 1859; d. Unknown, Charlestown Section, Boston; m. JOHN MCGOVERN; d. Unknown.

    10. iii. CATHERINE A. ROACH, b. 1861, Darnley, P.E.I.; d. September 19, 1926, Boston, MA.

    iv. PETER PHILIP ROACH, b. Abt. 1863; d. Unknown.

    v. FLORA ROACH, b. Abt. 1865; d. Unknown.

    vi. MATTHEW JAMES ROACH, b. Abt. 1867; d. Unknown, Cleveland St. Arlington, MA.

    11. vii. MARGARET JANE ROACH, b. Abt. 1870; d. Unknown.

    viii. ELIZA ROACH, b. Abt. 1874; d. Unknown, Boston; m. GEORGE PUTMAN; b. Unknown, Boston; d. Unknown.

    ix. WILLIAM ALBERT ROACH, b. 1881; d. Bet. 1918 - 1924, Belgium or France.

  • 6. PATRICK3 CONNICK (MATTHEW2, JOHN1)21 was born 1839 in Alberton, PE, and died September 22, 1909 in Fairview. He married (1) BRIDGET HOGAN March 09, 1859 in Tignish, PEI, daughter of P. HOGAN. She was born 1838, and died January 25, 1865 in Sea Cow Pond, Lot 1. He married (2) ANN KILBRIDE November 26, 1872 in St. Anthony's Bloomfield, daughter of DENNIS KILBRIDE and BRIDGET MITCHELL. She was born 1855, and died February 05, 1917 in Fairview.

    Children of PATRICK CONNICK and BRIDGET HOGAN are:

  • i. PATRICK THEOPHILUS4 CONNICK, b. 1859; d. June 23, 1867.

    ii. JAMES ALFRED CONNICK, b. 1861; d. Unknown, Hyde Park, MA.

    iii. PETER FREDERICK CONNICK, b. 1863; d. October 15, 1904.

  • Children of PATRICK CONNICK and ANN KILBRIDE are:

  • iv. HANNA SARAH CLARINDA4 CONNICK, b. March 21, 1874; d. January 22, 1876, Alberton, PE.

    v. CHARLES AUGUSTAS CONNICK, b. March 27, 1875; d. 1938, Hyde Park, MA.

    vi. MARY CLARINDA CONNICK, b. April 07, 1877; d. 1968, Hyde Park, MA.

    vii. ELIZABETH ANN CONNICK, b. May 29, 1880; d. Unknown, Stoughton, MA.

    viii. JOHN JOSEPH CONNICK, b. September 19, 1882; d. Unknown, Stamford, CT.

    ix. WILLIAM CONNICK, b. February 17, 1887, Hyde Park, MA; d. 1959, Hyde Park, MA.

    12. x. EMILY GERTRUDE CONNICK, b. January 09, 1889, Hyde Park, MA; d. 1978.

    xi. LUCY ADELINE CONNICK, b. November 14, 1890, Hyde Park, MA; d. Unknown, Boston, MA.

    xii. ALICE VERONICA CONNICK, b. August 17, 1893, Hyde Park, MA; d. 1978, Hyde Park, MA.

  • 7. JAMES3 CONNICK (MATTHEW2, JOHN1) was born 1839, and died 1914. He married (1) NAME UNKNOWN. He married (2) ELIZABETH MAHAR November 19, 1872 in Vernon River, PE22. She was born 1854 in Vernon River, PE, and died 1924.

    Children of JAMES CONNICK and NAME UNKNOWN are:


    ii. JOHN T. CONNICK, b. 1866; d. 1956; m. ZELDA LEMOY; b. 1858; d. 1933, Miscouche..

  • Children of JAMES CONNICK