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We created this site in the hope that posting known Connick genealogical information in one place would allow us all a single resource to obtain, share and use this data for further research . So here's the combined effort of a group of us in the US and Canada. We hope the images are interesting, the maps and documents informative and the family trees (some of which involved years of research) helpful to you. Please join us and add what you can to this project.


This site is for family use and will not have any ads, 'cookies', or commercial content of any sort.

Email addresses will be posted or shared only with a specific request to do so:
"Please post my email address." -or- "Please forward my email address to:_______."

Posting: We will post family trees, queries, notices, photos, graphics, and stories that family related.

We do not have the resources to verify accuracy of submissions.
Those contributing to this site have expressed their willingness to share their sources.
We recommend that you determine the sources used and obtain them for yourselves before accepting any data as fact.

What is posted is accessible to anyone on the web. Be judicious with personal information.

The copy right does not hinder personal use of site content. It does mean that use of the data, including email addresses for profit making is a violation of the law.

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The personal data posted to this site is posted soley for the use of Connick relations. No other use is authorized without express written permission of the author. 1999-2007