Links for Goofing Off Online!
All rated G

Flash Games:
Levers game
A fun little "Quebec" adventure "
Cow game, levels get tricky
Makes the cow game seem easy - Telescopes
plain & simple (& tough)
Pimp your ride (Keep clicking, many options)

Plain old Miniature golf
krazy mini golf
tricky mini golf
Fleas game (like 'Lemmings')

Things to try:
Make a snow flake
Paint with brush then watch the replay
Carve a pumpkin

The really fun stuff:
He's got about 30 of my cursors! (The dog)
Another one after your cursor!
Smiley Paintball

Say it with..... Refridgerator magnets!

Bubble wrap Try and stop !!!

Try and pop these bubbles!
Pop floating bubbles
And now a bubbles game
Catch bugs in a bubble
The bubble sound track ?

Some sweet little games:
ballon game
bubble & stars
Puppy & kitten seesaw
pocket full

A magical musical cartoon
And a sequel!!

If you don't have the time:
Clocks for your desktop
A picture for a laugh

Japanese interactive graphics Change the patterns and colors
Videos - (large files)
Dancing in the dorm (movie)
Obi Won Buys a Car (movie)
Base Jumping (movie)
Gymnastics (movie)
Special effects done live)(movie)
Imploding buildings (movies)
Pentrix (Pen tricks)(movie).

A bunch of games at ( Pong etc. )
Another flash game site:

Worlds smallest website

Geek stuff:
Converts your pictures to "Binary"

Only if you were a gamming FANATIC in the *)'s':(photos)
Picture A Picture B Picture C
The explaination
The video

Only if you are presently an X-BOX Halo FANATIC :
Halo Red vs Blue