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Selected pages from the 1851 Canadain census


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St. Andrews page 20
James Connick age 38 and family

St. Andrews page 40
Leonard Connick age 39 and family

St. Andrews page 93
Samuel K. Connick age 45 and family

St. Andrews page 94
Thomas Connick age 47 and family

St. David page 2
James Connick age 81 and wife
Harris Connick and family

St. David page 3
Hiram Connick age 36 and family
William Connick age 49 and family

St. James page 37
Joseph Connick age 52 and family
continues on page 38

St. James page 38
Family of Joseph Connick continued

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About these documents:

Above are selected pages from the 1851 Census in Charlotte County New Brunswick Canada
Copies of the original census pages were mircofilmed in 1954 and are available online (in PDF format)
from the Library and Archives of Canada. To access all go to:
(from there: Click on New Brunswick, then scroll to Charlotte County listings)

We have all Charlotte County pages available on request in both PDF and JPG format.

Details on Connicks:
Not every detail was transcribed and errors are possible. Review documents personaly by clicking on above images.
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St. Andrews Parish

Page 20
James Connick 38 Irish
Benadict Connick 15
Mary Connick 10
Also lodgers

page 40
Leonard Connick 39 Farmer
Cathirine Connick 29
Amos Connick 7
Amanda Connick 5
Alfred Connick 3

Page 93
Samuel K.Connick Head of Family 45 Native Lumberman
Ann Connick Wife 41 " * formerly Anna Hitchings Thomas
Samuel Connick Son 19 "
Anne Connick Daughter 17 "
John Connick Son 13 "
Sarah Connick Daughter 11 "
Pamalia Connick Daughter 8 "
Sarah Connick Mother 76 Loyalist

Thomas Connick 47
Eliza Connick 43 *( formerly Eliza Hitchings)
Amos Connick 21
Adelia Connick 18
Thomas Connick 15
Emeline Connick 12
Ann Connick 10
Henrietta Connick 8
Susan Connick 6
Sarah Connick 2
*Eliza: daughter of George St. Andrews Hitchings,sister to George and Joseph on same page,
*Edward A. Connick B: 1853 (and two younger sisters) do not appear here in 1851.

St. David Parish

Page 2
James Connick 81
Hannah Connick American 73
Harris Connick 31
Elizabeth Connick W of Harris 35
Alexander Connick 10
John Connick 9
Barber Connick 6
Stanley Connick 4
Achsah Connick 2
Infant Connick 6 weeks

Page 3
Hiram Connick 36
Susann Connick 25
Matilda Connick 5
Fredrick Connick 3
Hosea Connick 1
William Connick 49
Agnes Connick 40
Caroline Connick 18
Hannah Connick 14
John Connick 12
Henrietta Connick 11
William H. Connick 9
Washington Connick 7
Louisa Connick 5
Horace Connick 4
Ann Maria Connick 2

St. James Parish

page 37
Joseph Connick 52 ("blacksmith & farmer") Birth
Eliza Connick 46
Charlotte Connick 27
James Connick 26
Family continues on next page.

page 38
Asia Connick 24
Winslow Connick 22
Bryce Connick 20 (F)
George Connick 18
Charles Connick 17
Martha Connick 15
Eliza A. Connick 13
Albert Connick 11
Minerva Connick 8

Due to the relationships with the Moore, Hitchings, Bartlett and Brown families, details from the 1851 census of Charlotte county are noted in this text file: text file