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Joseph & Susanna

Some very compeling information has been found concerning the roots for Connicks tracing their ancestry back to Charlotte County New Brunswick.
We know that Joseph Connick the patriarch, was born in Newburyport Ma, USA in 1740. His wife's name was Susannah.
They named one of their sons Samuel and another William Shackford Connick.
The parish records for the Old South Church in Newburyport, MA contain the record below:
Joseph "W" or Mc" Connic married and Susanna Shackford, Jan. __, 1767
The Shackford family tree lists a Susanna Shackford born in1741 to 1753.
Her father's name was Samuel who died in Newburyport, MA. Her great Grandfather was William Shackford. We hope to find more data on this possible relationship.

This document is located in a bound journal titled "Book of Records 1745-1746",
in the back mong many blank pages and upside down.

It was located by the diligent efforts of Nancy Stokes, archivist at the Old South Church.
If our search necessitates a return to the records there, I will look forward to working again with this wonderful person.

Full image of 1767 page

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