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Simply put, there wasn't a place for just Connicks to share genealogical information. So in 1999 we made this site in the hope that Connicks could find each other and share. We invite you to use the data in your research and ask that you contribute for others. My email is Tim(at sign)

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A Connick on the East coast travelled due West until he hit Humboldt County California.
He found Connicks Creek at 40-05-40-05 123-48-20-20. He then visited the Humboldt County Historical Society on 8th Street in Eureka.

1767 Humboldt CaliforniaConnicks

This might be the marriage of the furthest known ancestor of the New Brunswick Connicks:

1767 Newburyport MA

Original source documents containing vital records of Connicks in Charlotte CO New Brunswick:

1851 Census

Anglican Church


I visited the Moores Mills area in Charlotte NB
There were many Connicks there who intermarried with the Moores and Hitchings
I also visited two local cemeteries:

Moores Mills


St. David's Ridge Cemetery

A welcome to the California Connicks, We have an unknown Connick to identify
Photo here. (45k)

A welcome to the Alabama Connicks, descendants of William Connick and Mary Barry of Ireland.
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See the Family Reunion page for 2002 P.E.I. reunion summary, (also previous newsletters, and photos from 1998)

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